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from Andover ( - United Kingdom ) testimony
I joined this site to see what was out there and have met some new a wonderful friends from around the globe. Is there one special one yes there is we are matched beyond belief here is hoping 2008 brings something speacial for both of us thank you easy flirt you have succeeded where others have failed highly recomended.
from Pistoia ( - Italy) testimony
I want to find here the love of my life, my soulmate, my other half, i'v been hurt by a person so bad that my heart is broken in 1000000000 pieces, i want to find that person ho can glue all the pieces back
from Paris 2e ( - France) testimony
Hello! I am sai Kyaw from Burma. I am looking for a friend from this web site. Please understand me ! Please reply me as soon as possible thank u a lot ! .
from Charlotte ( - United States) testimony
I have been here for couple of days now and few months still have not meet any serious person
from Astoria ( - United States) testimony
This is one of the best sites that i have join and glad that i did join because there are so many beautiful ladies on here that are looking for the same qualities in a man that i am looking for in a lady who knows one of them out there searching for what i am looking for in a lady could make my search complete and i could make there serach complete you feel me till then let the searching continue
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